#9 Offensive: Target Man

  • Provide as much depth as possible

  • Hold up play/Provide runs into the channels when appropriate

  • Act as a target in the box

#9 Defensive: Nuisance

  • Set tone for press

  • Cut field in half

  • Press opposing 4, 5, and 6

#7/11 Offensive: Winger

  • Provide width/Test defenders in behind when necessary

  • Vary runs in behind with coming short and inside to combine

  • Work in tandem with outside backs to establish 2v1’s and provide service into the box

#7/11 Defensive: Nuisance

  • Press with 8, 9, and 10

  • Track opposing outside backs

  • Spring counter-attack (leaking early)


#8/10 Offensive: Playmaker

  • Facilitate play through midfield

  • Vary overlapping/underlapping runs in behind

  • Create

#8/10 Defensive: Nuisance

  • Press with 7, 9, and 11

  • Defend in both boxes

  • Disturb opposing midfield play and spring counter-attacks


#6 Offensive: Spark plug

  • Act as pendulum switching play over and over again

  • Spring counter-attacks with outlet balls

  • Always be available in support to break pressure

#6 Defensive: Anchor

  • Snuff out counter-attacks

  • Screen out opposing #9

  • Protect zone 14


#2/3 Offensive: Engine

  • Overlap/Underlap when appropriate

  • Work in tandem with 7/11 to create 2v1’s and provide service into the box

  • Establish width when wingers are tucked in

#2/3 Defensive: Engine

  • Defend opposing 7/11

  • Tuck inside when opposite outside back attacks

  • Press opposing 7/11 in wide areas


#4/5 Offensive: Target for Setpieces

  • Provide depth

  • Swing ball through back

  • Provide outlet for outside backs that are under pressure

#4/5 Defensive: Backbone

  • Shut down opposing #9

  • Help “pin” team with 2, 3, and 6

  • Establish high line when in possession


#1 Offensive: Attack Starter

  • First line of attack, start the counter with the highest open player possible

  • Offer passing angle behind back line

  • Change the point of attack in defensive 3rd.

#1 Defensive: Organizer

  • Organize defenders with clear, concise orders of who, what, where, when

  • Own the box, come out to claim crosses and loose touches

  • Hold a high line, act as a sweeper behind defense to clean up long balls in behind.