Our Philosophy

Only one third of a professional player’s life is spent in the big leagues - so what about the rest?


At Premier German Soccer, we believe in developing people, not just training players. Our approach is multi-faceted, holistic, and aims to cultivate leaders on and off the field. We support our athletes’ personal growth alongside their physical evolution, showing them that they have the power to create change and success for themselves. We embolden our players to be courageous, foster team communication, encourage critical thinking, and promote social responsibility - all without sacrificing the necessary technical and tactical development of our players.


Premier German Soccer uses diverse training methods, including the popular European Style, Play-Practice-Play, US Standard 4-Stage Warm-up, Orientation, Learning and Implementation, and 3v3 tournament-style development strategies. We coach using technical and tactical discussions, visual aids, live demonstrations, and video recording playbacks. We ask our players guided questions and encourage experimentation.


Sports are a vital training ground for fundamental life skills - ones that our youth will take with them for the rest of their lives. We don’t just churn out champions; we fortify a promising future. (And have fun in the process!)

Our Players

...have been featured in the Olympic Development Program.

...have had offers to play professionally in Israel, Costa Rica and Italy.

...have had college offers from Rutgers, Montclair State, Monmouth State, Fairleigh Dickinson, College of Saint Elizabeth, Kean University, Providence, University of Kentucky and Lake Erie University.

...have made the NJCAA playoffs!

Want to Play in College?

PGS hosts free College Nights to help families prepare for recruitment. decide between schools, set realistic goals, prepare financially, and know what to expect before, during and after the season. Hear from the coaches who have played and coached the college game.

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